4 Ways to Add Character to Your Galveston Apartment

As you settle into your resort-style Galveston apartment with ocean views, take a look around and think about how you want to make the space your own.

There are four easy ways to give your apartment character that are affordable and easy to pull off.

  • Use boxes or cubbyholes: They give you flexibility in decoration and allow you to change the themes of the room in just a few minutes. Fill them with your favorite knickknacks or holiday decorations, and when you want a change, put something else in them instead!
  • Use clear vases: They are ideal places to showcase seasonal items or room accents. Filling a vase is cheap, and you can change the contents to fit your mood.
  • Get one piece of eye-popping furniture: It should contrast the rest of the room so it stands out and grabs attention. That will make it a conversation piece and a nice accent to your living space.
  • Make a memory board: One of the best apartment decorating tips is to keep a memory board. Fill a cork board with pictures and mementos of what you did throughout the year.

Contact us to learn more about our ocean-view Galveston apartment community, and start planning your decorative theme.

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