Advice About Bringing Pets to Holiday Parties in Galveston

It’s holiday party time, and if you are hosting at your pet-friendly apartments in Galveston, that means finding a way to keep your pet occupied during the party. As long as you plan ahead, there is no reason your furry friend needs to interrupt your gathering.

  • Gather everything you need: If you plan on putting your animal in a bedroom, make sure he has everything he needs to make it through the event. Water, food, and toys will keep the pet occupied so he doesn’t scratch or claw at the door.
  • Trim the claws: If your guests are pet lovers, you might want your animal out with the party. Be sure to trim his claws ahead of time so he doesn’t leave marks on anyone.
  • Keep the food out of sight: Animals that can see party food will want to get at it, and they will go to great lengths to do so. Hide the food from your pet’s sight, and he will be less likely to dive in.

Our pet-friendly apartments in Galveston have ample room for your pet and your guests during this holiday season. Contact us to learn more about our spacious floor plans.

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