Catch A Live Performance In Galveston

It’s no secret that Marvin Neil Simon is a talented man. The Octogenarian is a prolific writer, whose dossier is full of hits, including Barefoot in the Park. He first released that story in the 60s and at the time, it deeply resonated with the viewing public. Since then, the storyline has proven to be timeless, having been reproduced repeatedly with much critical acclaim. This brings us to the list of upcoming events in Galveston, near The Club of the Isle Apartments.

The remarkable Grand 1894 Opera House and a national touring band of talented actors are on track to bring Simon’s famous production back onto center stage. If all goes according to plan, under the direction of Greg Johnson, the traveling artists will offer the program to Galveston’s residents for one night only on March 4th.

Johnson, as Club of the Isle residents may recall, is no slouch. He enjoys critical acclaim of his own, though not as much as Simon, of course. His biography notes a project history of great depth and breadth, with many performances taking place in the western half of the Unites States. Not surprisingly, he’ll be bringing a number of his artistic cohorts to Galveston in March 2017. From there, they are expected to take the show on the road, quite literally.

As such, the March date will be residents only time to catch Johnson’s handiwork inside Galveston. Although he’s expected to continue his illustrious career, which could prompt future visits to the city, the show in question is due to close in early April. Tickets for Barefoot in the Park are currently on sale now and our C.A.T.E.R Program Team would be happy to provide further assistance for would-be theatergoers. To speak with them and learn more about what’s going at The Grand 1894 Opera House this spring, please contact the Club of the Isle Apartments’ office today.

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