Yaga’s Chili Quest and Beer Fest is Galveston’s Hot Ticket

Yaga's Chili Quest and Beer Fest

If you enjoy eating a bowl of piping hot chili with an ice-cold brew, then don’t miss Yaga’s Chili Quest and Beer Fest. This fun-filled festival takes place January 19th & 20th and attracts visitors from across the United States. Best of all, it’s right here in Galveston, and just a short trip from Club […]

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Spend Time Volunteering Near the Water

The Club Of The Isle Apartments are close to the water and residents are uniquely positioned to participate in more than just touristy boat rides. There are also the Galveston Bay Foundation’s activities to consider. They take place year round, with some of the best ones occurring in the spring, summer and fall. They range in […]

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