Decorate Your Built-In Serving Bar with Wine Bottles in Galveston

The residents of our Galveston apartment community enjoy apartment amenities like linen closets, crown molding, and built-in serving bars.

Here are some ideas using wine bottles to decorate your built-in serving bar.

  • Willow Wreath – Using different colored wine bottles, group them with a wreath made from willow and insert seasonal flowers.
  • Wine Bottle Lanterns – Cut out the bottoms of wine bottles, and place a tea light candle on a tile underneath the bottle. Leave the top open for heat and air.
  • Mini Gardens – Make wine bottle mini gardens by carefully cutting the bottle horizontally on one side. Fill it with sand and your selection of succulents for a beautiful mini garden.
  • Chalkboard – Spray the entire bottle with chalkboard paint, and write your own messages on it.
  • Paint It – By painting wine bottles white, you emphasize their shape; this is a nice way of attracting attention to flowers inside the bottle.
  • Menu Bottle – If you are planning to host a dinner party, attach the menu for the evening to the bottle so everyone can see and read it.

Contact us for more information on our apartments with built-in serving bars for rent in Galveston.

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