Go Birdwatching In Galveston

One of the most fascinating of things to do in Galveston doesn’t cost a thing. Those lucky enough to live here at Club of the Isle, can take in these natural resources close to home, but even more so by visiting one of the many designated bird refuges and parks close by.

The Galveston Loop is just one of many southern Texas birding trails, as designated by Texas Parks & Wildlife. The Galveston Loop has a dozen locations in which wildlife can be seen. This area has especially good birding because of its location on the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston sits along the 95th meridian, which is the center of the trans-Gulf migration route. However, many species will winter here as well.

Along the Loop, a look at Harborside and Pelican Island reveals a combination of the coastline with multiple freshwater ponds, where waterfowl, cormorants, gulls, terns and rails will winter. Several species of sparrows also winter here and multiple species of swallows nest here. In the fall, an abundance of Neotropical birds will travel south on their migration paths to Mexico and further; in the spring, they will be traveling north.

The brackish water swales along Settegast Road provides a good feeding ground for a variety of shorebirds including sandpipers, curlews, plover and whimbrels. Watch for an on invasion of Sandhill Cranes in the winter.

Here in Galveston, we are fortunate to live in an area that is often visited by birdwatchers from around the country and around the world, because of the amount of bird life. Birdwatching is fun no matter what your age and gets the family outdoors while offering a form of exercise when taking in the sites. Avid birders maintain “Life Lists” of birds they have seen in a region, a state, the country and the world. And what fun it is to add  a new species to your list!

For a start, locals may want to visit a Galveston Audubon Group meeting and/or join the group. While spotting birds can be easy, identifying them can prove to be more difficult. Those experienced in the field are always happy to introduce new individuals to the hobby.

Some Galveston Audubon dates to remember include the October 13 general meeting, October 15 field trip, November 19 field trip, December 10-11 Holidays with the Cranes, and December 20 Christmas Bird Count.

To live close to nature and all her wildlife, give Club of the Isle Apartments a call to see what we have to offer.

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