Pick Up A Treat At The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Are you looking for a chocolate treat for a friend on their birthday or anniversary? Maybe you’re craving some tasty chocolate candy yourself. In Galveston, TX, one of the best choices for incredible chocolate is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Company first opened in Durango, Colorado. They’ve since expanded into numerous locations, including the Galveston location, but they still use the same high-quality ingredients and traditional methods to create their beautiful, delicious treats.

It’s a small shop filled with an abundant assortment of tasty chocolate confections. You’ll find specialty caramel apples loaded with everything from marshmallows to peanuts. The fudge selection includes favorites like walnut and peanut butter, which you can buy by the pound. Customers also love the chocolate-covered strawberries, which make a great gift for your significant other!

If you’re just looking for something small, try one of the truffles. They look so beautiful behind the glass display counter and the sea salt ones are truly amazing. There are even sugar-free options for those on restrictive diets.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is about a 20-minute drive from Club of the Isle Apartments. It’s found at 2217 Strand, not far from Fisherman’s Wharf and the Texas Seaport Museum. You could make a day of it, visiting the wharf for lunch and the chocolate shop for dessert!


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