Shop For Decor at St. John Antiques

Looking to furnish your new apartment at Club of the Isle? Or perhaps you’re searching for just the right accent to make one of your rooms stand out. Either way, we highly suggest taking an afternoon to explore St. John Antiques in downtown Galveston!

An Impressive Collection

With a store encompassing 3,000 square feet in a historic building built in 1898, St. John Antiques is sure to amuse and delight your vintage side in an impressive way! This antique mall is filled to the brim with antique furniture, art by local artists, primitive kitchenware, re-purposed furniture, and collectibles galore. But don’t expect to walk through a crowded and dingy shop; St. John’s is as beautifully arranged as it is big! Just sauntering through can be a destination and event of its own. For glimpses into some of their unique offerings, check out their Facebook page where they often feature their collections and new items.

Why Furnish With Antiques?

With so many options for interior furnishings and so many companies selling furniture, why choose to use antiques in your home? We’re glad you asked! Antiques and vintage items are generally well-built; the craftsmanship used to build them ensures that they will be around for years to come. Antiques can also add contrast to a room. For even the most modern spaces, having an older piece present can create balance and diversity, often making the items around it “pop” or acting as a provocative centerpiece. Perhaps the most intriguing of all is that antiques are a link to the past. Owning something that has survived the ages and was created in another time period is not something everyone gets to experience. Antiques bring with them a sort of honor, a remembrance of the past. And lastly, antiques are an investment that will increase, or at the very least, retain their value.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add charm and style to your decor, don’t miss out on St. John Antiques. For more information on the local area, our community, and amenitiescontact us today and we will be happy to assist you!

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