Mind-Body Fitness Options in Galveston

Yoga Mat

The benefits of a Mind-Body fitness regimen are plentiful. In addition to increased strength, practitioners of yoga, Pilates and other mind/body exercises report a calm quiet mind, increased energy and overall feeling of well-being. Residents at Club of the Isle,¬†luxury Apartments in Galveston, live near several studios offering the latest in mind/body fitness options. The […]

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5 Tips for Residents that Work From Home in Galveston

Working from home at our Galveston apartments with business center can seem like a dream come true for many people, but if not done properly it can be chaos and ineffective. To ensure your experience is productive follow these tips. Designate a specific place to work. Not only will this force you to get out […]

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Advice About Bringing Pets to Holiday Parties in Galveston

It’s holiday party time, and if you are hosting at your¬†pet-friendly apartments in Galveston, that means finding a way to keep your pet occupied during the party. As long as you plan ahead, there is no reason your furry friend needs to interrupt your gathering. Gather everything you need: If you plan on putting your […]

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