Tips for Removing Crayon From Your Nine-Foot Walls

Our Galveston apartments with nine-foot ceilings provide you with plenty of wall space for your wall art and decorations, but your children may have decided to add their own personal decor to the walls, as well.

If your kids have gotten carried away with crayons and personalized any of your nine-foot walls, don’t start fretting, yet. You can get that crayon off without doing damage to the wall or needing to repaint it.

A Magic Eraser works wonders on removing plenty of different stains and markings from walls or any other surface, and they are gentle on painted surfaces. You can also try baking soda or WD-40 to get the crayon off, too.

Once you’ve gotten the crayon art off the walls, you may want to consider buying your children some large sketch pads or artist’s easels, so they can release their inner Michelangelo on a surface that is more appropriate than your apartment walls.

Tell us your handy tricks for marks and scuffs from your nine-foot walls, and contact us today to find out more about our three-bedroom apartments in Galveston.

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