Visit Edo Japan For Delicious Sushi Near Galveston

Are you craving sushi, edamame, hibachi, and other Japanese favorites? Take a quick drive over to Texas City, where a new restaurant called Edo Japan just opened up. With a classy interior and a full bar, it’s the perfect place for a weekend dinner with friends.

Edo Japan is nicely decorated with stone behind the bar, brightly colored flowers in the dining room, and glowing blue lights in the ceiling. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch your meal be prepared before your eyes, or dine at the hibachi table, where your chef will stir fry everything to order.

On the menu at Edo, you’ll find a selection of nigiri, sashimi, and classic hand rolls. They also offer delicious shrimp and veggie tempura, which many people choose to enjoy as an appetizer. For an evening full of fun, order one of the hibachi meals. They include your choice of meat, along with fried rice and veggies. The chef will perform an entire show, tossing knives, spinning eggs, and cracking jokes — and before you know it, your meal will be ready.

Edo Japan has an extensive beer list with selections like Kirin and Sapporo. They also offer hot and cold sake, along with some unique wines.

This enticing new restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. They’re quickly becoming a popular choice for birthdays and other celebrations. Call 409-359-3950 if you’d like to make a reservation.

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