Ways to Deal with Dog Shedding in Your Galveston Apartment

Our residents are fortunate that their furry friends are welcome at our resort-style apartments in Galveston. After all, pets bring so much joy and happiness to our lives.

But it can also be frustrating to find dog hair on your couch, all over your floor, and on your clothes. Make note of the following ways to deal with dog shedding in your apartment.

  • Brush your dog every day. This removes loose hair before it has a chance to fall out and attach to all of your belongings. The type of brush you should use depends on your dog’s breed.
  • Make sure your dog consumes plenty of liquids because if he doesn’t, his hair might be brittle and fall out more readily. You can increase his liquid consumption by feeding him food like carrots, green beans, and cantaloupe in moderation.
  • Bathe your dog on a regular basis; this helps to remove matted hair. You can also use an anti-shedding shampoo.
  • Vacuum your furniture and carpet on a daily basis, and keep a lint roller handy.

Are you searching for pet-friendly apartments in Galveston? If so, make sure to contact us to hear about our luxury housing community or to schedule a tour.

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