5 Tips to Transform Your Workout in Our Fitness Center

There are must-have foods, motivational tricks and specific moves that you can do that will get you fit faster and transform your workout in our Galveston apartment community’s fitness center. To help get you started, here are five tips to try that will help you to get fit quicker:

  • After you run, do some wall sits. It’ll strengthen your hamstrings and increase your speed and stamina.
  • Keep motivated with a fitness report featuring three subjects like cardio, attitude and muscle conditioning. Set goals for each subject, and grade yourself on your progress quarterly. When you see your progress, it’ll motivate you to stay fit.
  • Get a great butt by doing high-intensity squats like jump squats followed by some stair climbing.
  • Your body needs carbs to fuel your workout. Eat a low-fat piece of cheese or fruit an hour before you work out.
  • Get extra toned on the treadmill. Hold a three-pound dumbbell in each hand, set your treadmill on brisk walk, and do 1-minute sets of bicep curls, triceps extensions and lateral kicks while you walk.

If  you would like to make one of our elegant apartments in Galveston with fitness center your home, please contact us to schedule a tour.


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