Where You Can Get The Best Breakfast in Galveston

a breakfast tray on a bed

Every morning can be brighter if you start the day off right with a delicious breakfast. If you wake up thinking of runny yolks, warm homemade bread, or a stack of indulgent pancakes, then you’re in luck. Here are three must-try diners near our apartments in Galveston:

Mosquito Cafe

Galveston locals rave about the Mosquito Cafe. Since 1999, the Mosquito Cafe has been serving up happiness for breakfast. Their diverse menu is filled with diner classics and trendy surprises. Go with a classic like shrimp, grits, and eggs, or explore their “mosquito benedict” with a homemade savory scone, sun-dried tomatoes, poached eggs, and other fun twists. Don’t forget to come back later to pick up lunch or dinner.


ShyKatZ is a warm and welcoming deli and bakery that serves wholesome breakfasts. You will love their fresh ingredients and homemade bread. Try their fresh bread for your morning egg sandwich or as a berry-topped French toast. Pair your savory meal with a sweet freshly-baked treat. You can pick up a delicious breakfast at SkyKatZ any day of the week.

Gumbo Diner

The Gumbo Diner proudly brings New Orleans-style cuisine to Galveston. Their Cajun flair is a welcome addition to Galveston’s seafood classics. The all-day breakfast menu includes fun choices like a seafood omelet or a Texas melt with avocado. Along with their all-day breakfast, they highly recommend that you try the Texas Gulf fried shrimp and their famous New Orleans-style beignets. This local restaurant will quickly become one of your favorites for easy takeout.

The perfect spot to enjoy the best breakfast in Galveston and a virtual tour of the local Galveston Naval museum is your comfortable and luxurious apartment. To make Club of the Isle Apartments your home, please contact us to learn more.


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