Book Lovers in Our Club of the Isle Apartments Will Drool Over This DIY Reading Chair

If you’re a die-hard book lover, follow the tips below for making a drool-worthy DIY readiisng chair that will beautifully complement the built-in bookshelves in your Club of the Isle apartment:

  • Create the base of your reading chair. Lay your piece of plywood flat. Use screws to attach the wood pine strips to each corner and center of your base to secure it.
  • Use glue and screws to secure the wood support pieces to the first layer of your reading chair.
  • Attach the slotted bookshelf border around the bottom layer of your chair.
  • UseĀ  a drill, screw and wood glue to attach your seating area and chair, bookshelf sides and the back together.
  • Paint your reading chair in a vibrant color and let dry. Decorate your reading chair with coordinating back, side and seat cushions.
  • The finished chair measures approximately 41.5″ wide by 34.5″ long by 29″ tall.
  • Put your reading chair by your built-in bookshelves, fill it with your favorite books, and enjoy.

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