Celebrate Fall & Pick up a Pie in Galveston


Fall is upon up which means it’s time to indulge in some cold weather treats inside your apartment in Galveston. Pair your pumpkin spice latte with delicious pie from one of these bakeries in Galveston.

Old Moon Deli & Pies

This old school deli merges a few of our favorite things—sandwiches and pie. Stop in for a pastrami melt but don’t forget to add a sweet slice to your order. A few of their beloved flavors include key lime, chocolate cream, and matcha green tea custard. Their offerings rotate daily so be sure to call ahead to see what’s available.

The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

This local gem is home to vast amounts of comfort food. Place your order today and pair a decadent slice with one of their signature sandwiches or order it alongside a pancake breakfast. The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe has curbside pick-up and takeout and even offers mixed drinks and cappuccino to-go.

PattyCakes Bakery

PattyCakes may be known for their towering cakes, but, they are also quite skilled at making the perfect autumnal treat. The shop takes custom orders. Simply call ahead and they will whip up your dream confection.

Celebrate fall in style inside your Galveston apartment by bringing home the perfect pie, enjoying a good read from the Rosenberg Library, or when sipping a seasonal beer from a local brewery.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect apartment this fall? Contact the team at Club of the Isle and we would be happy to arrange a tour.

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