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If you enjoy learning about the past, historical fiction is an immersive and entertaining way to dive in. Find a cozy spot in our Galveston apartments to enjoy one of these rich historical novels. You can find them all among the collection of Rosenberg Library ebooks available for download.

Alias Grace

Margaret Atwood’s intriguing novel fictionalizes real events that happened in Canada in the 1840s. The heroine is Grace Marks, a young woman imprisoned for murdering two people, although she claims to have no memory of what happened. A local doctor takes an interest in helping Grace and trying to unravel the mystery of her crime. Alias Grace paints a vivid portrait of Canada’s Victoria, while also telling a compelling story with complex characters.

The English Patient

This captivating 1992 novel by Michael Ondaatje takes place in Italy during World War II. The English Patient traces the intersection of four lives, including a badly burned English soldier and his Canadian nurse. As the four characters shelter together from the war in a bombed-out Italian Villa, their secrets unfold in a tangled web. The film adaptation of The English Patient won nine Academy Awards and translations of the book have also appeared in 38 languages.


Travel to Korea in the early 1900s with Min Jin Lee’s saga about a young woman who falls in love with a wealthy stranger. After discovering she’s carrying his child, and that her lover is secretly married, Sunja chooses to leave and start a new life in Japan. Her decision sets in motion a rich saga that will affect generations to come. Pachinko tells the moving story of a complex family and illustrates multiple layers of Japanese society.

For more Rosenberg Library ebooks, check out our list of top thrillers. From a great library to the best Texas brisket, living in Galveston offers so many enjoyable cultural opportunities. Learn more about living at Club of the Isle by contacting us today.

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