Enjoy Weekly Classes at the Galveston Arts Center

Shot of a senior woman making a ceramic pot at a pottery art class

Would you like to enhance your artistic skills while also meeting new people? If so, head to the Galveston Arts Center. It’s the city’s only visual arts organization with a permanent location and curated, rotating exhibits.

The center opened in 1968, and over the years, it has grown to also include art education and public festivals. The classes are led by talented instructors, and they draw hundreds of students every year.

Weekly adult sessions include:

Ceramics Studio

Ceramics is one of the most ancient art forms. The oldest known piece dates back to 28,000 BCE and is from the Neolithic period. Today, this art is so popular, that by 2023, the global ceramic and glass industry will become a nearly 1.1 trillion dollar market.

At the Galveston Arts Center, the Ceramics Studio welcomes students on Tuesdays. It is designed for all levels and teaches hand-building techniques in pottery and figurative sculpture.

Fiber Arts Studio

Fiber Arts Studio is one of the newest class offerings. Local artist and clothing designer, Rachel Montemayor, helps everyone make unique wearable art. She encourages experimentation and teaches techniques such as weaving, knitting, and crocheting. As students gain skills, they can mix media and include unexpected elements such as recycled objects.

Rachel’s creations have been featured in magazines, and she sells her work at local markets and boutiques.

Printmaking Studio

Printmaking is a unique art that involves transferring an original image from a production matrix onto fabric, parchment, or paper. One of the upcoming classes will focus on drypoint etching. Students will learn how to work with engraving tools to apply different textures to a Plexiglass etching sheet. No acid or other harsh chemicals are used for this process.

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