Enjoy A Delicious Omelet In Galveston

Tired of eating toast and a bowl of cereal for breakfast?

Then head to one of the following restaurants where the chefs whip up a variety of omelets:

Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

This restaurant began from humble beginnings as a small bakery on 16th and Church. Within a few years, the owners were able to open a restaurant at another location that focused on the food they wanted to eat. It wasn’t long before both the bakery and restaurant had many loyal customers, so they decided to combine them. In 2008, Hurricane Ike destroyed the building with seven feet of water, and when it reopened three months later, it drew record crowds and rave reviews. The staff makes everyone feel at home, and the omelets include three egg, shrimp, and crab meat.

Star Drug Store 

Star is the oldest drug store in the state as it dates back to 1886. By 1917, it was fully operational, and the owner added a horseshoe-shaped tile soda fountain. Eighty-one years later, a severe fire closed the store until it was restored in 2006. Like the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe, it was affected by Hurricane Ike as more than six feet of water filled its interior. It reopened three months later, and guests enjoy its history and charming atmosphere. In the kitchen, the chefs prepare a variety of meals including omelets such as The Islander, The Galvestonian, and The Star.

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