Enjoy a Vegetarian Meal in Galveston

Vegetarian meal: Falafel with rice and pita and some salad and hummus in a nice restaurant setting.

Observing “Meatless Monday” is becoming a popular trend for anyone interested in a healthier diet. Fortunately for residents of Club of the Isle, meatless and yummy go hand in hand. Here are just a few nearby restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal in Galveston:

Olympia Grill

You’ll feel like you stepped onto a Greek island when you enter Olympia Grill. A Mediterranean diet is known to be very healthy, and the staff at Olympia take pride in creating healthy foods using fresh, local ingredients. Anyone looking for a meatless option will find no shortage of options here. Make a light lunch out of a Greek salad and a healthy bowl of homemade lentil soup, or indulge in a heartier meal with the Vegetarian Plate, a sampling of several Greek specialties. And remember, dessert is delicious and also meat-free!

Pho 20

At Pho 20, you can grab a quick meal with friends, pick something up to take home, or even host an event. This casual restaurant is perfect for enjoying a delicious, veggie-packed, Vietnamese meal. Try a soothing soup, like hot and sour, or rice noodle, and pair it with a light appetizer like vegetarian egg rolls. Other meatless options include noodle bowls and a tofu platter. And don’t forget to also grab a refreshing bubble tea.

The Original Mexican Cafe

The Original Mexican Cafe is the longest operating restaurant in its original location in Galveston! They have been serving residents and visitors alike since 1916.  At The Original, you may forget you are eating healthy. They have an entire section of the menu devoted to meatless meals, with options like taco plates, burrito plates, fajitas and more. Another meatless option? Margaritas! They were voted the best in Galveston by TripAdvisor.

These are just of few of the places to enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal in Galveston. Would you like to learn more about Club of the Isle? Please contact us today to schedule a tour. You can also get a sneak peek of our resident perks here.


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