Enjoy Texas Opera Companies From Home

Singer on stage

Born in Italy more than 400 years ago, the opera offers an exciting blend of drama, visual arts, and orchestral music. 

If you would like to enjoy a performance and behind-the-scenes tours, Texas opera companies offer online fun. Here are a few that you can enjoy from your home at our apartments in Galveston.

Dallas Opera 

With over sixty years of artistic excellence, it’s no wonder that the Dallas Opera gains international recognition. The opera opened in 1957 with a highly publicized concert starring the famous Maria Callas. Since that night, other stars such as Placido Domingo and Teresa Berganza have joined the opera for unforgettable performances. The opera’s TDO Network allows fans to connect from home. It offers a wide range of content, including some of the finest performances from the company’s archives. The videos are available for 45 days, and there’s always something new to discover.

Austin Opera 

Originally founded as the Austin Lyric Opera, the Austin Opera is a cultural touchstone in the Central Texas region. It’s committed to producing engaging shows while celebrating the diversity that makes Austin unique. Every Friday, tune into Inside Indy Terrace. As the opera’s weekly broadcast series, it keeps fans up-to-date and is an exclusive guide to all things opera. 

Opera San Antonio

Opera San Antonio strives to produce works of uncompromising quality while enriching the community through educational outreach and social engagement. The opera’s Opera Now series features artist interviews and collaborative videos filmed at the performers’ homes. Songs include HabaneraLa Donna e Mobile, and If I’m Not Allowed to Sing

Before learning about these operas, order a delicious dinner to-go from a local restaurant like Fisherman’s Wharf.

To call the Club of the Isle home, please contact us. We’ll arrange a tour where you can see everything that our Galveston apartments have to offer.

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