Experience a Historic Escape at Escape the Island

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Escape rooms are one of the hottest new activities to enjoy with friends or family. Luckily, Galveston residents can enjoy a number of challenging puzzle games at Escape the Island! This locally-owned business bases many of their escape room stories on real Galveston history. Here are just a few of the escape room games currently available at Escape the Island:

Escape the Ring: A Tribute to Jack Johnson

This room is based on the real-life boxer Jack Johnson, also known as “The Galveston Giant.” The game designers at Escape the Island wrote this room’s story in honor of Jack Johnson’s incredible accomplishment of becoming the first African American World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. The room pits the players against Johnson in a race to solve the puzzle and ring the victory bell!

Unlock the Lost Treasure of Jean Lafitte

An island escape room wouldn’t be complete without a tale of sunken treasure. This room is based on the story of Jean Lafitte, a pirate who sank his ship off the nearby Deer Island in West Bay. This room simulates the newly discovered ship’s wreckage. Players must investigate the lost ship in order to find its hidden treasure.

Escape the Storm

In the year 1900, Galveston Island was hit by a devastating storm. A hundred years later, this escape room puts the players in charge of preparing the island for the storm. The game gives you one hour to solve the puzzle, warn the citizens of Galveston, gather your survival gear, and escape the path of the terrible hurricane.

Other rooms include a historic nightclub puzzle, a claustrophobic elevator escape, and a new immersive VR room. Club of the Isle is close to escape rooms, restaurants, shopping, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about everything Galveston has to offer!

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