Explore Galveston’s Unique History


Living at Club of the Isle gives you the perfect opportunity to explore. These apartments in Galveston will give you a comfortable home base while you explore Galveston’s unique history and culture. From quirky art that exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the local people to neighborhoods steeped in history to nature reserves, Galveston offers a little of everything.

Galveston Tree Sculptures

After Hurricane Ike devastated parts of the island, many trees were twisted and broken in the aftermath. Rather than simply cut the broken trunks and remove the stumps, these trees were turned into beautiful artwork. The Galveston Tree Sculptures are located in all parts of town and you can spend an entire day (or days, if you prefer) exploring the city to find each one of them. The sculptures are a testament to the unassailable spirit of the locals and to the beauty of art. It is truly worth the time to explore and reflect upon.

Historical Buildings

Galveston, before it became known for tourism, was built by immigrants. This self-guided tour of historical buildings is a glimpse into that history. Each building stands as a snapshot into a bit of Galveston’s storied history. Don’t forget to look up the history of each building as you visit. There’s more than just architecture to take in. Immerse yourself in the island’s history as you explore and you might find yourself absolutely fascinated.

Bird Watching

Galveston also serves as the home of hundreds of species of birds in the nature reserves on the island. Because it is on the Trans-Gulf Migration Route, Galveston and the surrounding areas are perfect for bird watching. Check the types of birds you might see during the time of year you go and make yourself a bingo card. There are bird watching clubs that will be happy to help get you started.

Club of the Isle is located in a fun and quirky city, with many opportunities to explore Galveston’s unique history and learn about the island and the people who call it home. Contact us to schedule a showing of some of the best apartments in Galveston.




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