Explore Local Galveston History, Virtually!

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Club of the Isle’s residents already know what a special place Galveston is. This beloved city is is rich in Texan history and culture. With the help of technology, the public can enjoy the history and attractions of Galveston right from their homes. Read on to learn how you can explore local Galveston history, virtually!

Take a Tour of the Moody Mansion

The Moody family were prominent figures of the Galveston community. The mansion that the family is so famous for was constructed back in 1895 and has a total of four floors. The National Register of Historic Places added the historical home to its list in 1994. Check out this video to take a tour of the Moody Mansion and click here to learn more about the family that once lived there.

‘Artifacts. Stories.’ Local Galveston History Unpacked

Another option for learning more about local Galveston history is an excellent video series. Galveston’s history and past is complex. Thanks to Lee Roane, there is a whole video series dedicated to unpacking the hidden details that make the town special. Artifacts. Stories. takes the audience on a cultural journey through Galveston. Learn about everything from the Battle of Galveston to the important impact of railroad transportation.

Enjoy even more of Galveston with your furry friend in tow and check out these dog-friendly destinations!

Galveston is a special community. It is a town that is rich in both history and opportunities. Contact us today to find out more information about Galveston and all the modern housing opportunities available at Club of the Isle.

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