Five Apartment Solutions Using Command Hooks

Everybody knows that part of apartment living means that you have to get creative when it comes to decorating. 3M Command Hooks are the renter’s best friend because they allow you to hang all sorts of things without damaging any of your Galveston Island apartment’s surfaces.

Use these five fresh ideas next time you’re thinking of using command hooks:

  1. Hang Curtain Rods. No drill, no holes. Use the metal finished hooks for added beauty.
  2. Hide Cables. Well-placed command hooks can keep cords and cables out of sight.
  3. Keep Garbage Bags Up. Place a command hook on the back of your garbage can and hook a handle around it; it will prevent the bag from sliding down into the can.
  4. Hang a Wreath. Place a hook upside down on the inside of the door and hang a wreath on the outside.
  5. Hold Your Tablet. Two hooks on the bottom, and one on either side, makes a great slot to hold a tablet when watching videos or surfing the web.

Helping our residents make the most of their space is one of the ways we like to make everyone feel at home at the Club of the Isle apartments. Contact us to find out what else makes us extraordinary.

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