Get Spooked on The Galveston Ghost Tour

Old, weathered, abandoned building in Galveston, Texas' historic Strand district. This approximately century-old stone building has survived many hurricanes and tropical storms and was used for many purposes.

October is upon us, and if you really want to see Galveston’s spooky side, you need to schedule a trip with the Galveston Ghost Tour. Here at The Club of the Isle luxury apartments in Galveston, we love to have spooky Halloween fun! And the Galveston Ghost Tour runs year-round, so you can experience the spooky side whenever you like.

The Galveston Ghost Tour

We think says it best when they say that “Galveston’s Ghost Tour is unmatched with episodes of murder, suicide, cannibalism, pirates, ghosts, and visions that will plague your very soul. Unworldly visions that cannot be rationally explained.  The stories that you’ll hear . . . are only whispered about in Galveston.”

This historic walking ghost tour is suitable for all ages but you will be walking for a solid hour and a half, so leave the pointy witch heels at home. You’ll pass gilded mansions, historic sites, and even palaces. The tour guides will dive into Galveston’s terrifying and haunted past to unearth reasons why an unstoppable paranormal force grips the island.

The tour is terrifying fun for believers, paranormal investigators, and skeptics alike. Go gather your garlic and holy water to have some spooky fun. It’s a unique way to spend time with friends or create a memorable date night experience. Bring a water bottle or two, since the tour has a reputation for being thrilling, but thirsty.

The Experience

The Galveston Ghost Tour starts at 899 23rd Street in Galveston, TX. You’ll hear the gory, true history of locations like:

  • The Ashton Villa where the ghost of Betty Brown still roams the mansion halls.
  • The Open Gates Conference Center where ghostly children perform.

Most travelers will find it easy to participate, and strollers are welcome, however portions of the tour are not wheelchair accessible.

Our Luxury Apartments in Galveston

Residents of The Club of the Isle apartments live the island life. Read our blog for more awesome Galveston events or schedule a tour to see all the Isle has to offer. Contact us today, we promise not to scare you!

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