Help Save A Life This December In Galveston

You could help save a life this holiday season by donating blood or learning CPR close to your Club of the Isles apartment in Galveston.

Blood Donation

Donors should be in good health – private screenings for blood pressure, heart rate and temperature along with a brief questionnaire will be given. A small drop of blood will be taken to check your iron level. Donors should get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and eat a hearty meal before donating.

If you haven’t donated before, don’t worry, it really isn’t difficult. If you want to donate but are afraid, bring a friend or explain your hesitation to the donation staff – they will help you through it. It is not unusual to be fearful.

Donations usually take about 10 minutes. Once finished, you will be asked to remain sitting for a minimum of 15 minutes and to have a snack and a drink. It is recommended that you drink additional water throughout the day.

First Aid, CPR Training

Another option when it comes to saving lives is to take a CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) course. You do not have to be a medical professional or a first responder to be able to help.

Classes are offered in Galveston, through Gulf Coast Emergency Response Training in first aid and CPR, Saturdays through December. Pediatric classes, as well as EMT, paramedic, and RN training and retraining classes are also offered. This location is at 6626 Stewart Road. For more information, you may call (409) 497-2587.

It takes special people to want to save lives and unfortunately the need is great especially during the holiday season. If you want to take these steps, the locations are close and easy to get to from the Club of the Isle location. If you are looking for a great area to call home, surrounded by the good things happening in Galveston, be sure to give us a call.

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