How To Give Back in Galveston

Many people want to get involved and give back to the Galveston community, but they aren’t sure where to start. Lending a helping hand doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming; in fact, you can do it from home! Read on to learn more about how you can help these local nonprofits from your Galveston apartment.

Today’s Harbor for Children

Today’s Harbor for Children is a safe and stable home for children who may otherwise be placed in the foster care system. This nonprofit has a unique and effective approach that confronts child abuse and neglect in the community by giving parents a choice to place their kids here when they can no longer take care of themselves. Today’s Harbor for Children provides a residential-style community, an education with The Harbor Academy, and the tools children need to have a fulfilling life. Check out their Journeys page to hear stories of past and present residents. If you want to support this cause, you can donate online with single or monthly payments. You can also donate items from their wish list and arrange to drop off at their campus.

Galveston Island Humane Society

Galveston Island Humane Society serves as a temporary respite while cats, dogs, and other critters wait to find their permanent homes. This organization provides medical attention to animals as they come in from the shelter, often from neglectful or abusive situations. GIHS also participates in community outreach to offer education to pet owners in underserved communities. Their lost and found program helps return lost pets to their homes, and they provide microchipping services to the public. If you’d like to help local animals housed at GIHS, you can submit a monetary donation online, or you can become a member and set up a one-time or recurring donation.

Galveston County Food Bank

Galveston County Food Bank addresses food insecurity by providing a reliable distribution center to help stock food pantries in the Galveston area. They also offer mobile distribution locations and hope to expand these operations to better serve the needs of the community. Galveston County Food Bank has free nutrition education courses and online videos. They share cooking tips and recipes to help participants create healthy and delicious dishes with the foods they receive. To help this nonprofit, you can donate money online, or you can drop off items from their Kid Pacz wishlist.

Lending a helping hand to your community has never been easier. Consider donating to one of these local nonprofits today to support those in need from your Galveston apartment. Check out our blog for more lifestyle tips, and contact us for leasing information.

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