Shop Online For Fresh Farmers Market Products In Galveston

stacks of fresh vegetables at a market | galveston farmers market

Shopping for fresh veggies and high-quality artisan products has become easier than ever for residents of Club of the Isle. Galveston’s Own Farmers Market offers pre-orders that you can explore online. You can shop GOFM-To Go anytime between Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. All your items will be waiting for you at the Sunday Market with curbside pickup located near our apartments in Galveston.

Shop For Fresh Produce and Meat

It doesn’t get much fresher than the specialty meat products you can find at the market, including pasture-raised chicken and tender filet mignon. You can also enjoy flavorful, locally-grown produce from vendors like Moon Dog Farms and the Backyard Growers Co-op. Pick up arugula, tomatoes, carrots, every type of lettuce, and fresh, Texas-grown pecans. You can even shop for beautiful bouquets made with organic flowers.

For a nutritious and fun hobby, purchase a Microgreen Grow Kit with soil, a tray, seeds, and instructions for harvesting your own veggies at home.

Locally-Made Pantry Staples and Baked Goods

Along with offering the freshest veggies in town, Galveston’s Own Farmers Market has a wealth of artisan products made in small batches by local businesses. Try stand-out products like apple butter, raw honey, or the decadent peach bourbon barbecue sauce made by Stump Farms. There are also several vendors offering baked goods made from scratch, including many that are vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly. You can order anything from graham crackers and cookies to a hearty loaf of sandwich bread.

Shopping at Galveston’s Own Farmers Market is a weekly tradition for many residents of our apartments in Galveston, TX. You can also enjoy delicious craft beer if the farmers market got you in the mood for local goodies. Contact us to learn much more about living at Club of the Isle apartments.


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