Check Out The San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge

San Bernard Oak Trail, San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, US

Would you like to enjoy a day trip that includes wildlife as well as the largest oak tree in Texas? If so, head to the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is about 90 minutes from Club of the Isle, and it features one of the South’s most extensive tracts of old-growth forest.

There is much to see and do, including:

State Champion Live Oak

Named the largest live oak tree in Texas, the champion tree has a circumference greater than 32 feet and stands at least 67 feet high. It’s situated in shallow bodies of water and provides shelter for migratory birds.

Nature Trails

Take a stroll along miles of nature trails to enjoy spectacular scenery and an array of wildlife. Those not to be missed include:

San Bernard Auto Trail

At 9.4 miles, the San Bernard Auto Trail offers the longest adventure. Its habitats range from forest to freshwater ponds, and alligators often sun on the banks. Bobcats may also be spotted, and an observation tower offers views of waterfowl and wading birds.

Cowtrap Marsh Trail

Crossing low, intermediate, and high marsh zones, the Cowtrap Marsh Trail appears to stretch for miles. This area is home to dozens of birds, including the white ibis. These creatures have football-shaped bodies and long, curved bills. They’re also known for their white feathers and black-tipped wings. They walk slowly with their heads down and make a nasal honk while foraging.

Bobcat Woods Boardwalk & Trail

Known for its exciting wildlife watching opportunities, Bobcat Woods offers a 1.5-mile journey under a woodland canopy. Migrating songbirds fly overhead, while tree frogs scurry under leaves. The boardwalk leads to the Wolfweed Wetland complex and an observation platform.

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