Where You Will Find The Best Seafood in Galveston

Various seafood items in a white dish

When it comes to Gulf Coast seafood, Galveston has you covered. Here are a few of our favorite establishments where you can satisfy your craving near our apartments in Galveston.

Catfish Station

Catfish Station is a casual eatery with humble origins. Started in 2004 in just a trailer, it has since exploded in popularity and now has several locations across the greater Houston area. The good news for you is they have a restaurant that delivers to Galveston.

Catfish Station prides itself on only serving high-quality fish and homemade sauces.  Their batter incorporates ultra-fine cornmeal, ensuring that the fish is never greasy.

Landry’s Seafood House

Another incredible local option is Landry’s Seafood House, which specializes in Gulf Coast cuisine. They have an expansive menu and offer a large number of small plates for those who like to share and sample.

They are perhaps best known for their gumbo and dozens of shrimp options. Keep an eye out for their specials like Shrimp Boil Tuesdays and larger family meals.

Bayou Bistro

Bayou Bistro has been operating in Bayou Vista for almost two decades, and they currently deliver in Galveston. The menu brilliantly mixes Italian and Gulf Coast cuisine in an exotic yet familiar fashion.  This is best exemplified by their parmesan catfish that is served with Alfredo sauce.

They also have traditional Italian offerings, like supreme pizza and chicken parmesan. The expansive menu also includes southern classics like chicken fried steak and Cajun chicken.

After you’ve found your favorite of these great seafood restaurants that deliver, check out these breweries for a nice pairing.

No matter your dinner plans, you are always welcome at The Club of Isle. If you are looking for great apartments in Galveston, feel free to contact us at any time.

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