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Tour the world from Galveston with these awesome wine books from the Houston Area Digital Media Catalog, courtesy of your Rosenberg Library card. Discover new rieslings, immerse yourself in the Italian countryside, or go behind the scenes of our very own Texan wineries. Kick back and sip like a sommelier at Club of the Isle.

The Wine Bible

This book is quite informative and filled with just about everything you need to know about wine. The Wine Bible delivers in-depth knowledge of grapes, geographic locations, taste profiles, winemakers, and more. James Beard Award-winning writer Karen MacNeil tasted over 10,000 wines for this edition and shares her vast research and experience.

Under the Texan Sun

Our apartments in Galveston, TX are located near a fantastic wine region. Grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, and others express themselves uniquely due to our distinctive terroir. Tour nearby wineries in Under the Texan Sun, and learn how to include wine in your cooking as an ingredient, as well as food pairing suggestions.

South Beach Food and Wine Festival

Last, but certainly not least, bring home all the fun of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival with this cookbook and wine pairing guide. As a bonus, flip through gorgeous photographs and gain insights into one of the most beloved and exciting food festivals in the nation.

So grab your favorite bottle, order some local fare, and enjoy a lovely evening as you sip like a sommelier. We have tons of at-home activity ideas, browse through our blog for more inspiration.

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