Spend Time Volunteering Near the Water

The Club Of The Isle Apartments are close to the water and residents are uniquely positioned to participate in more than just touristy boat rides. There are also the Galveston Bay Foundation’s activities to consider. They take place year round, with some of the best ones occurring in the spring, summer and fall. They range in subject matter and duration, with some having a strictly volunteer focus.

For instance, there is typically an abandoned crab trap removal event in the winter and a Bay Day Festival in the spring. Both event committees welcome volunteers from luxury apartments in Galveston at that time. And then there is the Annual Redfish Raft-Up, which is traditionally set for the fall. It’s a one day, celebratory event that includes boating. This year, we expect it to take place in mid-September.

Of course there doesn’t have to be a party going on in order for Galveston’s luxury apartment communities to help out. During the summer months, the foundation could always use extra dock walkers and water monitors. No special skills are required to sign-up for these two positions because experienced conservationists are always on hand to teach new recruits what they need to know in order to help further the group’s efforts. However, it is a good idea for Club of the Isle residents to get in shape.

The majority of the foundation’s volunteer positions require some walking and standing in the open air. So, we recommend dressing right too. Remember, it can get very hot outside luxury apartments in Galveston throughout the year. Thus, wearing rubber-soled boat shoes, broad-brimmed hats, UV resistant shirts and long shorts or pants while volunteering may prevent the need for emergency first aid. To learn more about volunteering near the serene waters surrounding luxury apartments in Galveston, please contact The Club of The Isle team today.

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