Serve up a Few Rounds of Tennis in Galveston

Closeup high angle view of two male tennis player competing in an outdoors night match. He's hitting a serve or a volley against blue hard court with copy space. Tennis in Galveston

There’s no better way to enjoy some sunshine and release some tension than with a rousing game of tennis. Fortunately, there are several courts in close proximity to Club of the Isle apartments for tennis in Galveston. Lasker Park 2016 43rd St, Galveston, TX 77550 Lasker Park is home to five well-maintained clay tennis courts. No reservations are needed in […]

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Check Out These Galveston Photographers

Photographer photographing a loving couple on the beach

Photographs capture the essence of timeless moments, of individual character, and of important life events. Talented photographers are able to take the ordinary and recreate it into something special no matter what the occasion. Whether you need new family photos or have a special memory you’d like to capture, Galveston is home to several creative […]

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Katie’s Seafood Market is a Galveston Treasure

Fresh fish at a market

On Pier 19 in Galveston is a lively place where the fish is so fresh you might think you caught it yourself. Katie’s Seafood Market is an open-air garage-style seafood shop with friendly service and a family vibe. Bring along your cooler because you will be wanting to cook fish for supper tonight. About Katie’s Seafood […]

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