Celebrate Halloween in Galveston this October

Jack o' lantern wearing a witches hat on Halloween night with outdoor seating in background.

One of the older communities in South Texas comes alive in October to celebrate Halloween in its own special ways. With so many unique landmarks and events surrounding them, Galveston is a center for entertainment and education. We’ve found quite a few things to do this month: Galveston Graveyard Tours Here, where some of the most […]

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Have Fun in Galveston on Labor Day Weekend

labor day weekend

Labor Day Weekend is approaching and there will be several opportunities for you to get out and celebrate in Galveston. Here is a look at 5 upcoming events to keep you entertained while supporting your local community. GCVA Labor Day Classic On Saturday morning at 9 am there will be a volleyball tournament called the Labor Day […]

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Enjoy the Best Barbecue in Galveston at these Local Favorites

the Best Barbecue in Galveston

Anyone who has visited Texas knows that barbecue is a big deal. Though the style may vary from region to region throughout the state, the result is the same—mouth-watering goodness. Galveston is fortunate to have some excellent BBQ joints to delight residents and visitors alike.  If you are looking for some great Texas barbecue with […]

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