Mind-Body Fitness Options in Galveston

Yoga Mat

The benefits of a Mind-Body fitness regimen are plentiful. In addition to increased strength, practitioners of yoga, Pilates and other mind/body exercises report a calm quiet mind, increased energy and overall feeling of well-being. Residents at Club of the Isle, luxury Apartments in Galveston, live near several studios offering the latest in mind/body fitness options. The […]

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Enjoy Delicious Meals at Porch Cafe in Galveston

From your first nibble of the succulent shrimp in the bloody Mary ceviche to the slow roasted pork ribs, swimming in flaming Dr. Pepper barbeque sauce, your dining experience at the Porch Cafe could not be finer. Take a walk off the beaten path to 1625 E Beach Drive and one of the finest restaurants […]

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