Fun For All At Moody Gardens

Residents at Club of the Isle have the pleasure of living a short drive from Moody Gardens. This family fun spot is a zoo, aquarium, and amusement park all rolled into one. Fun for all ages, Moody Gardens is certain to please everyone in your party. The Aquarium Pyramid is perfect for the marine life […]

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Mind-Body Fitness Options in Galveston

Yoga Mat

The benefits of a Mind-Body fitness regimen are plentiful. In addition to increased strength, practitioners of yoga, Pilates and other mind/body exercises report a calm quiet mind, increased energy and overall feeling of well-being. Residents at Club of the Isle,¬†luxury Apartments in Galveston, live near several studios offering the latest in mind/body fitness options. The […]

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5 Tips for Residents that Work From Home in Galveston

Working from home at our Galveston apartments with business center can seem like a dream come true for many people, but if not done properly it can be chaos and ineffective. To ensure your experience is productive follow these tips. Designate a specific place to work. Not only will this force you to get out […]

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