Mind-Body Fitness Options in Galveston

Yoga Mat

The benefits of a Mind-Body fitness regimen are plentiful. In addition to increased strength, practitioners of yoga, Pilates and other mind/body exercises report a calm quiet mind, increased energy and overall feeling of well-being. Residents at Club of the Isle,¬†luxury Apartments in Galveston, live near several studios offering the latest in mind/body fitness options. The […]

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Exciting April Events at Our Galveston Apartment Community

Our resort-style apartments in Galveston always have something fun to do, whether it’s lounging by the swimming pool or mingling in the elegant clubhouse. If you’re new, or looking for entertainment in Galveston, be sure to join us for our upcoming April events at The Club of the Isle. First, meet your neighbors this Friday, […]

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Get a Taste of the Island at Galveston Food & Wine Festival

One of the best things about spring, aside from the perfect, warm weather, are spring festivals in Galveston. If you’re in the mood for some island flavor, get ready to head out of your apartment at the end of April for the annual food and wine festival. The 2014 Galveston Island Food & Wine Festival […]

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