The Best Nature Documentaries to Enjoy at Home

If you enjoy learning about the natural world, then you don’t want to miss these fascinating nature documentaries that are currently streaming.

They cover everything from monarch butterflies to charming orangutans. When you’re ready to spend an evening with the natural world, here are three shows you will definitely want to binge:

Blue Planet II

Believe it or not, we know less about the ocean than we do about the moon. Blue Planet II takes viewers on an epic journey below the surface to learn about rare and unusual animals. It also explains the challenges faced by oceans around the world. Blue Planet II was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series” and “Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program.”

Frozen Planet

From the producers of Blue PlanetFrozen Planet takes viewers to a world beyond the imaginable. Narrated by acclaimed naturalist, David Attenborough, it explores the Arctic and Antarctic. The movie’s groundbreaking technology captures incredible images of life both above and below the ice. Watch as orcas, penguins, and polar bears show how it’s possible to survive against all the odds.

Night On Earth

Using low-light photography, Night on Earth captures the hidden lives of the most fascinating nocturnal creatures. It explores both the land and sea for a one-of-a-kind look at what happens when the sun goes down. Travel through frozen forests, pitch-black jungles, and the hunting grounds of the African savanna. The mini-series spans six episodes. By the end, viewers gain a better appreciation for the fight for survival that even the most powerful hunters must face.

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