The Rosenberg Library Offers Thriller E-Books

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If you enjoy reading page-turners that keep you up all night, don’t miss the latest e-book thrillers.

Provided by the Rosenberg Library, they’re guaranteed to keep you guessing until the very end. Here are three that you can enjoy from our Galveston apartments:

The Housekeeper 

Called a twisted psychological thriller, The Housekeeper offers a read you won’t soon forget. When Claire spots Hannah Wilson at an exclusive hair salon, bad memories arise. It may have been a decade since they last saw each other, but she hasn’t forgotten that Hannah lives the life that should have been hers. Now a drunk, Claire is confident that when Hannah advertises for a housekeeper, she can apply without being recognized. But she soon learns that everyone in the house has a secret. 

Revolver Road 

On a cold, rainy night, crime reporter Harper McClain is missing Savannah. But she can’t go home after a mysterious caller claims that someone wants her dead. But when a musician vanishes, Harper knows she must come out of hiding to crack the case. Only it may prove to be a deadly mistake on Revolver Road

Toward the Light 

A riveting international thriller, Toward the Light, is set on the streets of Guatemala. Luz Concepcion returns to her home country to take out Martin Benavides, the man who destroyed her family. He went from an insurgent fighter to the president, all while controlling a major drug network. To complicate matters, Luz hides her clandestine mission from her cousin, a guerilla leader fighting for the government. When Luz’s plan unravels, she quickly learns that nothing is as it seems. 

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