Enjoy a Virtual Beach Tour of Galveston

board walk leading to a beautiful beach

The Club of the Isle in Galveston, TX, sits in an area surrounded by splendid and scenic Gulf beaches. They’re known for activities from snorkeling to shell collecting to sunbathing. When you take a virtual beach tour of Galveston, you can immerse yourself in a world of utter relaxation. Here are the most beautiful coastal areas to tour while relaxing in your apartment in Galveston.

Pocket Park 1 & 2

Stroll and explore the Pocket Park 1 & 2 island beaches on your virtual tour to learn the tips and tricks of collecting the best seashells. Stream information about the park or order a book about the Galveston beaches and browse through the various types of shells and activities you can enjoy on the beach. Know the best times of the year when you can collect clams, scallops, and marsh snail shells by conducting a virtual tour on Pocket Park 1 & 2 beaches.

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier is both a beach and also an entertainment spot on the Galveston Gulf Coast. Conduct your online surfing lessons from one of our spacious apartments in Galveston and know the best time to surf in Pleasure Pier. As one of the world’s top surfing spots, Pleasure Pier sends rumbling excitement miles away. From watching YouTube videos and reading Pleasure Pier books, you can immerse yourself in the world of the sixteen amusement rides and plenty of water sports.

Stewart Beach

Last, but certainly not least, tour Stewart Beach, one the most family-friendly beaches in Galveston. Browse through Galveston galleries and streaming Galveston documentaries to get a sense of this magical place. Get your digital dose of vitamin D by exploring great sunbathing spots in the Stewart Beach from your tablet. You can also order online shrimps and other seafood from your favorite Stewart Beach restaurants and get them delivered right to the doorstep of your apartment in Galveston, TX.

As you continue your virtual beach tour of Galveston, you might want to see some Galveston apartments virtually. Contact us today for a virtual trip as you examine our exquisite apartments suitable for everyone.


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