Virtually Visit the Galveston Naval Museum

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There is plenty of history to experience in Galveston and a slew of acclaimed museums to explore. Did you know that you can virtually visit the Galveston Naval Museum, among others? Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now see these museums without leaving your Galveston apartments. One of the most interesting museums in the area is the Naval Museum. Via their website, you can virtually visit the Galveston Naval Museum, right from your own home! Residents of Club of the Isle apartments can see it all right now. Here are a few of the highlights to virtually explore.

USS Cavalla

The USS Cavalla is a submarine that is docked at the Galveston Naval Museum, and you can get a full tour of it from your laptop.  The virtual tour of the submarine allows you to see the entire top deck of the sub and go on a thorough walk through the interior. You can look around at the different sections of the submarine to see how sailors lived and worked aboard the vessel. The Cavalla is an important submarine in world history, and it is most well-known for its role in World War II. Since 1971, it has been on display at the museum.

USS Stewart

Another important ship docked at the Galveston Naval Museum, the USS Stewart is another World War II relic. This ship is noteworthy because it is one of only two American destroyer escorts from World War II left in the world. From your apartments in Galveston, you can see every inch of the ship. Virtually walk inside the ship to see the mess hall where sailors ate and the officers’ quarters.

In addition to these two amazing vessels, the Galveston Naval Museum offers extra features to digitally enjoy. The virtual tour comes with a narrated tour, and if you want to test what you learned, they also offer a quiz. To learn more about other exciting Galveston sights to see, check out our blog. For more information about calling Club of the Isle your home, please contact us.


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